Senior Fitness Assessment At Mitchell Park Community Center

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Senior Fitness Assessment

Functional fitness is defined as having the physiologic capacity to perform normal everyday activities safely and independently without undue fatigue (Rikli and Jones, 1999).  The Senior Functional Assessment (SFA) was developed to measure the physical capacity of older adults (ages 60 to 90+) to perform normal everyday activities.  The test items include 30-second Chair Stand, Arm Curl, 2-minute Step (or 6-minute Walk), Chair Sit-and-Reach, Back Scratch, and 8-foot Up-and-Go. The SFA can tell individuals whether their physical capacities rank in the above-normal, normal, or below-normal categories compared to others of their same age and gender.  The results can indicate how close individuals are at risk for losing functional independence and identify specific areas of physical weakness that needs attention.  The tests can be taken on multiple occasions as a tool to track individual’s progress and changes in performance.


The SFA that includes 6 different tests (see below for more information about each test) should take up to 30 minutes to complete.  Participants will take the 6 different tests in a group of 6.  Groups will start at 30-minute intervals.  The SFA will start with a group warm-up then each participant will take each test individually until all tests are completed.  There will be a practice attempt at each test before recording the results.  Upon completion of the SFA, participants can compare their results with the performance standards based on a nationwide study.

Saturday May 19

Please stop by our booth at the Smart Living Cupertino Health Fair to sign up for the test.

Wednesday May 30

Please call (408)202-2590 to reserve your desired 30-minute time slot on 5/30.  First group will start at 1pm and subsequent groups will start at 30-minute intervals.  The last group starts at 2:30pm.  Reservations highly recommended though walk-ins are welcome and will be accommodated first-come first-serve, space permitting.  Plan to come a few minutes early to sign-in.


Please wear athletic shoes (no open-toe shoes) and comfortable clothing.  Water will be provided.

More information on the tests, click: SFA tests

On May 30th, VivAsia held another Senior Functional Assessment at the Mitchell Park Community Center. Another 24 participants were tested.

Please check out some of the pictures here:

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