What Happened in Taiwan – Training at CCU

What Happened in Taiwan – Training at CCU

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Riding on the recent success in Hong Kong and China, we changed our focus to Taiwan in the month of August.  Ying Mitchell (VivAsia creator), Sophia Tsay (VivAsia dance Instructor) and Corinna Shi (VivAsia Lotus Instructor) went on a two-week road show to promote VivAsia and to train new instructors. This trip definitely opened up new and different opportunities.

3-day workshop at Chinese Cultural University,
School of Continuing Education
August 13, 15, 16 2014

Universities are among the most natural places to offer VivAsia Instructor Training classes. We are very pleased to be able to partner with CCU in Taipei to have a 3-day VivAsia training workshop. The intensive training included both academic and technical knowledge about group exercise, understanding of the human body, and practical exam for participants to practice and to apply what they learned from the 3-day workshop. The outcome was very encouraging. It was impressive to see how the students accomplished their objectives in a short period of time. They learned the various VivAsia dance steps, they learned how to lead a group, and how to teach a class with all the required skills. Hats off to all the students and thanks to all the personnel at CCU which made this collaborative effort possible.


We are most interested in continuing this collaboration. Hopefully these classes will be offered at CCU School of Continuing Education on a regular basis in the not too distant future. Thanks Nydia for meeting up with us and making all the arrangements!


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