Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk Lotus Instructor Training

Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk Lotus Instructor Training

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June 4 – June 6 2014


The Amazing PLK Group


 VivAsia went global in the month of June! Our business team arrived in Hong Kong to conduct our very first 20 personnel intensive 3-day training sessions. We were received by boundless enthusiasm and great warmth.


Derek, Sandy and Maymay swinging with ribbon.

The trainees were all PLK employees from the 12 different senior centers. They had different levels of dance experience, they were of different age groups, but they were all great performers! They pleasantly surprised us by their ability to effortlessly present a program in front of an audience. Their skills to engage and grab attention from the participants were very impressive. They were given a very challenging test on the third day and the results were more than satisfactory. They had to come up with a new dance routine, cue and teach a class using a song that’s no less than 3 minutes. This is not easy even for veteran instructors! The variety

of songs they chose, the funny and yet safety-conscious cueing methods they employed were all commendable. Their energy and passion were contagious, their diligence and support of their peers exemplary. Thank you for making the training most engaging and fulfilling for us

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